Can Gillislee get up to speed in Nola offense in a week?

This is more of a DFS question as both he and Scott are tempting options in that offense and match up with no Ingram. So far as I know Gillislee has no ties to a Peyton coaching tree, but you have to ask how hard it will really be to be a short yardage and possibly goal line banger. Peterson walked in off the street during the preseason for the Redskins and looked pretty good out of the gate.



Welp, Mike is now listed as no2 on the depth chart so guess than answers that.

MG is not a pass catcher. BS is and also faster, stronger and more agile despite his size. I guess the touches could get split between them but why? MG IMO is insurance. He will not be getting GL runs. Maybe inserted now and then but he is filler. MI gets back he is Audi 5000. BS is the real deal. He was used as a 3rd downer in college so the size thing is not an issue. He is a effin Mightly Mouse that could Sister Abigail Sproles. He is also taller than Sproles.

Yeah. I am just looking as a value pick for week one. Improved Saints def going against Fitzpatrick with the Saints at home. I can easily see a game script where Saints come out of the gates hot and get a good lead so there is plenty of garbage time late in the game where coach protects Kamara and lets the other two finish it out.

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I might have agreed with this before but now I don’t think that will be the case. IMO Boston will be the special teams guy the gadget guy. I doubt they will 50/50 or even 60/40 split him with Kamera.

I think that is why they brought in Mike,

MG does not know the playbook, also not a good receiver. He is an insurance policy. No way Peyton gives someone off the street the GL nod. I will eat crow but just not seeing it. At least for a couple of weeks.

He’s a vet. He’ll be fine for goal line and maybe some 3rd and short work.

Don’t sleep on Boston Scott!

Saints waived RB Boston Scott today

100% Gilly

Looks like the saints decided to :joy: