Can I afford to bench Saquon Barkley?

Half PPR, I’m starting Antonio Gibson but my remaining RBs are:

Josh Jacobs
Nyheim Hines
Ronald Jones
Latavius Murray

Ultimately if you have a guy in mind you think will outscore him then follow your process. He’s still saquon so it’s a bet waiting to burn you.

I think Barkley probably is the play here though. Hines v Rams could be solid but I wouldn’t want to bet a benched saquon on it. Jacobs v steelers I don’t really want involved in to be honest. Ronald Jones could pay off but i don’t want to start him unless it’s out of necessity or Tampa get some rb injuries to clear up the hierarchy.

I was leaning towards Hines but like you said he’s still Saquon.

Appreciate the insight