Can i drop kenyan drake?

Standard, 12-teams. There are some good names available, like calvin ridley, sony michel, tyler boyd and mike williams. My rbs are: lynch, conner, kerryon, ingram, mixon, morris and peterson
My wrs are: AB, OBJ and Lockett

I have 2 WR1, so i decided to go with loads of RBs, but byes are coming… Should i pick up ridley for drake?

What kind of league? Personally I would keep Drake over Morris, Peterson, and Kerryon. But depending on the league format, that may not be the case. Any sort of PPR?

Is a standard 12-team league, i was thinking about dropping morris as well

Your team is stacked. How active is your league? If I were you, before dropping Drake, I would try and see if I could do a 2 for 1 deal and get a stud RB. You have so many RBs, that someone out there must be hurting for RB depth.

Also… I would definitely pick up Sony Michel.


is kinda of a quiet league, few trades… but i just found out the bell owner is in serious need of an rb, maybe i will try getting him