Can I drop Mark Andrews?

My TE1 is Kelce.

I tried using Mark Andrews as trade bait multiple times to no avail…and that was when he was performing.

Now he’s just taking up a valuable roster spot which could be used for another WR now that Thielen’s season is in question. I think i have to do it…

My WRs: Thielen, Lockett, McLaurin, Boyd – looking to add Crowder or Pascal

Hard to drop him for free. There have to be a couple of teams that need a TE in your league, unless you are in an 8 man league. I would try to shop him some more, maybe you are asking for too much. Kelce also has a bye week in 2 weeks, so you probably want to at least hold him until then.

PPR or non-PPR? What are your starting lineup requirements?

Half ppr. Standard line-up - RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX.

My league is lame - whenever i offer trades other teams just let them expire.

Plus i’m 5-4 and i need wins now. I have little confidence rolling Boyd out there this week.

I also need to worry about week 11 when 4 of my starters are on bye. Need to pick up at least 1 RB, if not 2, plus a WR.

My team:
QBs: Brees and Stafford
RBs: Saquon, A. Jones, Carson, Freeman, Guice (dropping for either Damien Williams, R. Jones IIIm or Jaylen Samuel), and Mattison (dropping for either R. Jones III or Jamison Crowder)
WRs: Thielen, Lockett, McLaurin, Boyd
TE: Kelce and Andrews

I’d drop one of your QB’s if you can’t play them both. Both are passed their bye. I know Stafford has been great and Brees is Brees, but no need to roster both when you can only play 1 IMO. You could try to package one of those with Andrews for something.

You aren’t friends with anyone in your league? Try to text them instead of just sending a trade, that usually works out better for me.

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I would keep Andrews through Kelce’s bye week coming up. If Andrew’s has a big week again you can try to do a package deal to upgrade a position.

I agree to drop Stafford and play Brees from here on out.

Hot take:
I’d drop Thielen before Andrews.

I’ll see myself out…

Lol crossed my mind…i do fear another Djax scenario