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Can i get a qucik opinon on this draft?


10 team, PPR, 2rb 3wr 1 flx

So i will agree I reached for Elliot maybe a round to early. Though he wouldn’t have made it to the 3rd round and I feel like it’ll be less than six games if any.

We do play with a kicker but i had to scoop Luck up at 15.142 just in case for the time being.

  1. (2) Ezekiel Elliott RB
  2. (19) Kareem Hunt RB
  3. (22) Leonard Fournette RB
  4. (39) Larry Fitzgerald WR
  5. (42) Golden Tate WR
  6. (59) Tyreek Hill WR
  7. (62) Mark Ingram RB
  8. (79) Ted Ginn Jr. WR
  9. (82) Jeremy Maclin WR
  10. (99) 	        Kyle Rudolph 	TE
  11. (102) 	Samaje Perine 	RB
  12. (119) 	Mike Wallace 	WR
  13. (122) 	John Brown 	WR
  14. (139) 	Andy Dalton 	QB
  15. (142) 	Andrew Luck 	QB
  16. (159) 	Los Angeles 	DEF


First off, congrats on snagging Andrew Luck in the 15th. That’s a steal.

My first recommendation would be to drop Mike Wallace or John Brown for your Kicker when Week 1 comes closer.

This decision will need to be based on your desire for a higher and healthier floor in Mike Wallace or the health risk, high upside of John Brown.

I am personally more risk-averse when it comes to grabbing rookies, so seeing 2 on your team worries me. The moment you see an opportunity to drop a player due to injury or lack of performance, I would shoot for another RB for backup.

Zeke’s suspension
Fournette’s potential to underperform
Kareem’s potential to underperform (although he’s in a great situation)
Ingram’s potential to have targets removed from AP
… It wouldn’t hurt to keep your eyes open for another RB flier.

I’m just knit-picking here and I just listed 4 situations that have a possibility to happen, not probability. Food for thought :slight_smile:

I wish you the best of luck this year.


Thank you for the write up.

I definatley went boom or bust on my rbs but most good ones were kept or gone by the time my 2nd and 3rd round pick came around.

Would you suggest keeping luck around considering the value I got him in?


At this point I think you should keep Luck just to see how well he recovers from his injury. Double check your team rules to see if an IR slot is assigned. If so, you can always place him there if he injures his shoulder again and is out for a few weeks. A player does not actually have to be on IR to place them in the IR slot. If they are marked as O, they should be eligible.

Now if you’re 6-8 weeks in and he’s just not performing, I would find someone in your league willing to take him in a trade. That way you can get some returned value out of him.