Can I handle the truth?

14 man league. Full point PPR. From a quick glance. Please tell me what you like and don’t like about my team. <3

First glance you don’t have any RB depth, just Murray who people are saying is drop-worthy, Jackson and Brown are both handcuffs to better RB’s and don’t have much stand-alone value.

I’d flex Dorsett over Jackson and maybe try and swap some depth around. Maybe try trading jackson to the gordon owner for a depth piece, or maybe package him with Sony to get a slight upgrade

Also just noticed wayy too many TE’s. If you want to keep Watson, fine, then drop ebron and pick up a depth piece. If not, then drop Watson. You don’t need 3 TE’s, you don’t even really need 2 tbh but i imagine waivers are stretched thin in 14 team.

@jtess72 it’s rough for me to drop Ebron since I traded for him. Ya know? Feel like if you drop a piece you traded for then it was just a failed trade. Ur right the waiver is THIN. You’re also right about my RB depth. I know it’s hard to guess who you can target but if you had to make a pick. Who would you be targeting and offer Sony and Jackson as a deal?