Can I please get a draft grade

10-team, PPR league

QB: Stafford
RB: M. Gordon
RB: J. Howard
WR: D. Hopkins
WR: D. Baldwin
TE: T. Burton
Flex: J. Williams
Def: Chargers
K: Lutz

D. Lewis
S. Watkins
Kerry Johnson
C. Kupp
J. Washington
Dez (Im hopeful)…

I think thats a really solid team. You have a solid group of RBs so could maybe move some of them around to get another WR.

Hard to grade without seeing what round you got some of these guys in but I’d say B+

Thank you! I was drafting in the 9th spot.

I’d say B, to B+. I love Baldwin, but his knee is injured so I stayed away from him in all drafts this season. I’d probably start Lewis instead of Williams, and would likely cut Dez in favor of Courtland Sutton or Christian Kirk. Or drop Dez for Seals Jones if it’s not too late, just in case Burton doesn’t work out.

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