Can I really sit Brady?

Do I sit Brady this week for Dak? I’ve had Dak on the bench for the last 2 weeks and he smashed Brady’s score both times. Brady is on fire this season I know, but numbers wise isn’t that strong for fantasy purposes. Chargers have a pretty good passing d and I feel like Washington could get taken for a ride on the other side of the coin. But damn, I can’t figure benching Brady!

Ehh I wouldn’t bench Brady. He could put up a 30 spot on any given day.

QB3 isn’t strong for fantasy? I don’t think you can go wrong, but I’m personally not sitting Brady.

As for this week I’d go Dak by a hair just because I think it’ll be a higher scoring game, but for the future you should trade one of your stud QBs packaged together with an RB or WR to upgrade a positional players (for example, Brady and Crabtree for Michael Thomas if you could make that happen). You’re only going to start one a week, and they’re both weekly starters. Might as well try to sell them for a better player you can actually start each week.

Best of luck man

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Thanks a lot, great advice