Can I/Should I make a play at Kamara here?

Full PPR. I’m 2-3 but think I’ve got a decent roster, target is 1-3-1 and has some holes where points should go and owns Fournette. League almost never trades AND hoards QBs, which is why I still have Bortles for the moment (waivers have been thin). Also have 2 TEs as insurance for one more week while I decide who to keep.

Can I package Yeldon with one of my WRs or do I need to go RB or add an RB?

My team:


Hoping Kamara’s low day and BYE combined with their need for points and my roster showing up pretty well last week will look appealing, but I’m not sure I’d do it from the other side.

package golladay or alshon with yeldon or yeldon with lynch. Probabaly wouldnt do it but worth a shot

you have so many good wr and he could use some, try to leverage that.

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Thanks, that’s kind of the zone I was in. Others agree? How can I frame it for the sell? As in, what am I getting out of it without making them reconsider…

They get good plays NOW, I take the bye and clear roster space for a different pick up?

One more bump. Favorite WR to package with Yeldon? Would love to keep Lynch, Kenny G, Jeffery if at all possible, but I’m willing to part with one if Boyd or Sanders won’t cut it.