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Can I sit Odell this week?


I much prefer Marvin Jones’ matchup vs the Jets than Odell’s vs the Jaguars, but can I really bench Odell?

Also, should I include James Connor in my flex this week? Or use the spot for someone else (M. Goodwin vs Vikings, J. Williams vs Bears, T. Coleman vs Eagles, J. Crowder vs Cardinals, M. Jones vs Jets).


Stop. Breath. Start your studs.


Fake News, You didn’t draft OBJ as your #1 wide out to have him sit on the bench.


Can you, sure. Should you, no! Start your studs, don’t get cute!


No, you start Odell always


Nope, start your studs.


Remember when Josh Norman was the best corner in football and Odell still put up 7 for 121 on him? Odell is a stud and should ALWAYS be in your lineup when active.


Exactly. There has been exactly 1 DB who you should consider sitting a top 3 WR against I’m the last 15ish years. Revis. No one else merits that consideration, and he’s gone.