Can I start 3 Ravens?

I’m 0-2. I have D Watson & Lamar Jackson. I’ve been offered Mark Ingram for D Watson. I desperately need RB help (Freeman, Miles Sanders, AP, Mostert, Darwin). But if I trade for Ingram, I’m starting Lamar, Ingram & Andrews.

I have a 2nd offer of James Connor & Allen Robinson for D Watson & Miles Sanders. I’m trying to be patient w Sanders. But w Tyreek already out for me, I might be out of it before Sanders breaks out.

Thoughts??? Thanks in advance

I think you could start 3 but I am always weary of putting so many eggs in the one basket.

Personally I would take the James Conner trade. Miles Sanders is great but it is a waiting game that may or may not happen. Conner is day-to-day and should be suited up for Sunday. With Big Ben gone they are going to have to rely a lot more on Conner. As long as it doesn’t turn into a Jets Bell situation you should be good. I feel like there is just as much risk with Ingram as Conner, but I think Conner has the much higher ceiling especially if his workload increases.

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