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Can I still make playoffs?


Currently I am 1-7. If I end up going 6-7 could I end up in playoffs in a 12 man league?


every league is different, really depends on how dominate the first 5 seeds are (assuming 6 man playoffs) and how poor the bottom 6 are.

In my league (also 12 man) pretty sure the last seed has to be 7-6, but that’s with at least 9 people having very competitive seasons.


It’s a long shot and league dependent, but in short yes. Doubtful, but yes.


Honestly, if you’re 1-7 I’m assuming there’s either some deficiency that you’re dealing with (injuries or something) and you’re unlikely to make a huge leap to change your fortunes. Is this redraft or keeper/dynasty?


As long as 11 teams make the playoffs, you still have a chance.