Can i trade Kelce for a top 5 QB?

Mark Andrews has been on my bench all year…i’ve tried shopping him numerous times to no avail. My league isn’t the most savvy, so i’m thinking it’s because of the lack of name value.

My QB is RIvers, and it ain’t looking good. I’m gonna pick up Josh Allen from waivers but beyond this week i won’t be confident.

I’m thinking of offering Kelce straight-up for Russ Wilson, Deshaun Watson, or maybe even Dak or Wentz.

Should i do it?

Not the way he has been playing lately. Only 1 TD and isn’t getting the volume he was the last couple years. Josh Allen will be a top 10 QB the rest of the way out. His schedule is awesome most the rest of the year. I would roll with him.

Like i said, my league isn’t that savvy and i think they would bite on Kelce’s name value. Question is, do i put in an offer?

I like your optimism on Josh Allen though, i was rolling with him until he got that concussion. I needed roster space and i totally assumed he was gonna miss the game before his bye, so i dropped him.

Allen only has 3 “tough” matchups the rest of the year IMO. He plays Denver week 12, Dallas week 13, and NE week 16. But weeks 7-11 he should be an easy start, Miami twice, Phily, Washington, and Cleveland. Doesn’t get much juicier than that.

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So you’re of the opinion if i can get Josh Allen back, i should not be trying to shop Kelce for a top 5 QB?

Correct. I think Josh Allen is a smash start for the next 5 weeks. Keep your top TE and hope the Chiefs can figure it out. I as a Chiefs fan hope they figure it out as well.


'ppreciate it

Is Kyle Allen available on your waivers? If so, I like him even more over Josh Allen, just look at his schedule for playoffs. Josh Allen is sure good for weeks 7-11 and Kyle Allen is good from there moving forward. If you can pull it off by having both of them. I would do it, you would be set for the rest of the season. Keep Kelce.

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Yeah Kyle Allen is there too.

Good point, but that also assumes that Kyle Allen remains the starter for the rest of the year. Cam will be back at some point. It’s definitely possible that Allen remains the starter, but far from a guarantee

I don’t like to roster two QBs…i’m gonna pick up Josh.

That is fine, to each its own. I don’t mind having 2 QBs because I have good backups for bye weeks. Hell! I also have 2 TE’s and those are hard to find. Andrews and Kittle. This is a 12 team league and they are savages with waivers.

I’m in a 12 team ppr league with smaller benches, and i have 2 QBs (Allen and Kirk) and 3 TEs (Kelce, Waller, and just grabbed Hunter Henry). Will definitely try to trade one of my TEs for a quality RB or WR. Likely have to trade away Kelce to do so, but other TEs are sustainable enough. Feel like Kelce would garner a higher quality player.