Can I trust Fuller this Week?

Last week he recieved 2 receptions for 15 yards and Keke Coutee got again many targets in his 2nd game.
What do u guys think about starting Fuller in Week 6?

I too have fuller but i have him for my flex (10team std). (over the likes of collins, M davis, ekeler)
I want to believe he wasn’t 100% last week and thats why coutee got as much volume as he did.
Fuller seems to good not to throw to so i want to hope he bounces back.

yeah i hope that as well because i really like this dude.
but somehow i dont feel confident with him this week - got Tyler Boyd on my Bench and asking myself if i should switch both

are you flex or 3 wr league?
the game could easily become a shootout, but could also lead to what happened last week with steelers and falcons, where only 1 team lives up to the hype. if you believe its gunna be cincy playing catch up, consider boyd. if you think its gunna be pitsburgh catching up, stick with fuller.
if you think its gunne be 42-35 for one team play boyd.

Im in a 2WR + Flex League.
Rostered Evans and Fuller as WR and Carson as Flex

That are the points im asking myself the whole time aswell… :smiley:

is boyd the only other receiver you have playing this week?
carson in the flex should be good.

have allen Robinson and Alshon Jeffrey also available

Tough call, I am rolling the dice with Coutee in the flex as I don’t trust Fuller this week and am leaving him on the bench. Not that he isn’t good, but Buffalo’s defense is not getting the respect they are due. They are great on the outside against receivers, but vulnerable to slot receivers and underneath. Their pass rush is pretty good coupled with Houston’s offensive line just being outright offensive…

would you trust fuller over collins or mike davis?
or do you roll with the RB hoping volume alone can rack up some points?

No to Collins because of the matchup with a tough run D on the road, I love Seattle backfield, but who will it be this week? Mike Davis or Carson, or both? I think I’d give Davis the safer floor but Fuller the higher ceiling, although Davis’ ceiling is pretty high too if he breaks a nice run, which is totally possible. Aren’t they west coast teams playing in London? Generally Defenses do not travel to London, and I think it’s even worse for west coast teams… So after talking it out I say Davis lol… Hope that helps…

carson looked good last week altough he hasnt scored a TD

it does buddy. thanks.
one of those weeks on my end where the flex is killing me.