Can i trust josh allen against the jets?

14-team standard league, i have Rivers on my line up, but josh allen may have a juicy matchup against the jets… Should i go with the hot hand?
My team:
rivers or allen
kamara, shady
lockett, davante
pettis or callaway or ellington

my opponent:
matt ryan
chubb, barber
hill, baldwin

Trust is a strong word. I don’t see why you would take that risk though. Maybe rivers doesn’t give you 40, but he’s not going to lose you the week either. Josh Allen may give you 30-40, but he could also give you 8 and just lose the week too.

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yeah, thats my issue… I may need the upside this week. Hill + chubb this week are scary to me. Kamara has been very average this last weeks, shady is shady, lockett can score 15 or 0.5 points, adams and brate i can trust more… Dont know if i can start rivers with his floor and trust my players, or if i will need a 35 point performance to have a chance

Get upside in your other positions. Not your QB. You just want your QB to get you 20-30 and not completely crap the bad. You don’t want to add variance to what is one of the more predictable / stable positions on the team. If you need upside, play Pettis.

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That’s probably what i will end up doing, thanks for the feedback man

Hey man, since you’re here and i trust your FF analysis, i have another question that im going over my head with. I lost sanders this week in another standard league, and i need to choose a flex. I have godwin, sutton, and i could also pick up Blount. Who would you want to play? I currently have godwin on my line up, and im winning (playing TEN d/st vs lewis) and im also projected to win

Is DJax still out? If he is, I’d play Godwin.

yes, didnt practiced again, i read earlier that hes close to being ruled out for the game.

I’d roll Rivers. He’s almost automatic for 300 and 2 and that’s all you need.

I’d play godwin if DJax is out.

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thanks fellas. Dont know if its just me, but this playoff weeks make me question every single decision i try to make