Can I win?!

.5 ppr

I’m down 8 points
I have Kamara and he has will lutz left
Who wins?

you most likely as long as kamara doesnt have a game like thanksgiving or last week OR two weeks ago sigh

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You as long as Ingram doesn’t vulture the TDs

I think you got this.

How about me?
I have Curtis Samuel left. Opponent has Cam, Kamara, Lutz.
I am up by 37pts. Standard scoring

You should win unless the saints kick 3 field goals of 5 yards.

Oh man. That’s gonna be close @mattymc29 :worried:

ESPN has it by 1.5pts right now.
The biggest downer and i’ve been ranting and raving about it all over the site was he had damien and i had mahomes. That short spot on the TD could literally have been the week.
I am praying for a Samuel rushing td. they’ve used him as a rusher a couple of times, so its not out of the question.

Agree. That’s a tough line that I wouldn’t feel secure about. If those three have average games, I’d feel like I’d have to have a Samuel’s TD to feel even somewhat comfortable.

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Update: I won by 4 points. On to the championship


Congrats! And good luck!

I held him off. my first win in the semis! I’ve been in my league for all 3 years. Every week 15 my team has collectively crapped the bed. This year i was able to pull it off!

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