Can I withstand this victory?

I’m up by 9 points heading into monday night. I have Evan Engram, my opponent has Matt Ryan. What percent chance do you give me to pull out the W?

Probably 30

I’m thinking 20. Shoulda snagged burton…

I’ll be right there with you.
In one league I need 50 points from OBJ + Engram
In another I need 42 points from Barkley + Ridley

Both of those opponents had Denver DST.

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I’m trying to hold onto a 46 point lead against OBJ and Julio (ppr format)…

I was being optimistic haha

You actually should be good cuz engram is gonna go 10 for 120 and 2tds so there wont be enough leftovers for obj. Lol

You need Engram to score a TD to have a chance and that’s not a good place to be in.

I need Matt Ryan to get less than 16 in one league and I don’t good about my chances.

Good luck