Can Marlon Mack still be good?

Whats up footclan, I have Marlon Mack (fortunately with Saquon and Kerryon) and I am thinking that there is a chance that he still winds up being a decent RB.

My initial reaction was to bench/trade but now that I am thinking about it, they want to use him as a three down back and the colts offensive line is around top 5. He certainly does not have the same upside he had with luck but I feel like my initial response is an overreaction. Do you guys think I am just convincing myself that he still has value?

I think he might slightly underperform compared to when he was drafted (think he’s a 3rd/4th rounder right now right?) but generally yes, he is still going to have some relevancy. I think the biggest thing he loses with Luck gone is the TD potential, as it’s going to be harder for Brisset to get them down to the redzone. The carries and yards will likely still be there, making him a fine flex with RB2 upside.

I agree with @jtess72 I think mid level RB2 is very realistic for Mack.

He may have blips on the way but that O line is great and their defence won’t get blown out that often. I think Brissett can do a decent enough job with all the weapons they have their to keep teams honest, just not as much as Luck would.

He’s an ideal flex play so I’d hold for sure.