Can my team hold on to the lead and win my 6th straight?

My team is up 105-59 in my PPR League
I have Kareem Hunt left
He has T.Hill , B.Cooks and Rams Defense left
Can Kareem still get me the win!?

Oh yeah i think you have a win. Who would play a defense against the Chiefs LOL??


That’s my thinking as well lmao but the ONLY reason my team didn’t dominate is because MVS took a big dump on my team lmao

Could’ve been me starting fitztragic lol

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You win rams DST lmfao

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Remember when we were laughing about the defense lmao

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Oh how the tables have turned lol

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Good luck…if you still have a chance.
I was projected winner by 10 in one league and since the other team has Kelce, I’m now in a projected tie. Need him to have less than 50 yards and no TD from here on out.

I’m up by 10 so still got a shot hopefully they use gurley more and stop throwing

That’s not going to happen. Neither team let’s off the gas until the final buzzer blows in this one.

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Now down by 4 god dammit

Is that a reply to me?

If so, no offense, but you are a real buzzkill. 2 weeks ago, you also rained on my parade by telling me I would lose mid-game after Derrick Henry scored a TD vs. Dallas. Yes, you were right, but that’s besides the point (kind of)…

Hey man don’t mean to be a dick lol… just keeping it real. Can anyone really imagine either team trying to run the clock out here? Ain’t happening

Where are you know OP?

No, worries. I for give you…if I win

What is your situation tonight?

I’m calling it. He lost.

He was down by 4 and they stopped running and took Hunt out in favor of Ware for 3rd downs.
Hill has 43.5 points in PPR.

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