Can my team survive with Melvin Gordon on the roster?

Hey guys!
I drafted on friday ( before news that the chargers were not negotiating until next season) in a 10 Team Full PPR Superflex league (1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1SuperFlex, 1 DEF). I snagged Melvin Gordon off the board at the beginning of the 6th round…I knew it was risky at that moment, but I went for it anyways because of the value. Now that the bad news dropped I don’t know what to do with him should I trade him, who should I trade him for or should trade for Ekeler or Jackson? Or is my team strong enough to just let him sit on my bench until he plays again (if he does)?

This is my team:
QBs: Tom Brady, Mitch Trubisky, Josh Allen
RBs: Dalvin Cook, Chris Carson, Melvin Gordon, Miles Sanders and Tevin Coleman
WRs: Julio Jones, Adam Thielen, Robert Woods, Josh Gordon and Marvin Jones
TEs: Delanie Walker
DEF: streaming defense

Thanks for your help!

Yeah man, Cook and Carson will carry you. You don’t even need Gordon tbh.

That‘s what I was thinking. I just got offered David Montgomery or Ekeler + Gurley for Dalvin Cook. What do you think about that?

Does your league have an IR spot you can dump Gordon into? He dropped until the 8th round in my draft last night had to take him.
Your RBs and WRs are stacked.

I’ll take montgomery and gurley for Cook for sure

I am betting Gordon gets traded to TB in the next week. Just a hunch…

Take the 2 for 1, that’s a great move for you. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I would sit on Gordon for a bit. Your team is strong enough to wait and see…

I would also take Montgomery and Gurley for Cook.