can only keep 5

My team

Russel Wilson
Antonio Brown *
Baker Mayfield *
Jimmy Graham
Tevin Coleman
Chris Carson
Kerryon Johnson *
D.J Moore
Sammy Watkins
James Connor *

who i plan to keep *

Do i keep D.J Moore or Chris Carson?

Chris Carson please and thank you.

Enjoy the starting RB on a run-heavy offence, with an OC who has set reasonable and achievable target expectations.

Wny not keep both and drop Mayfield instead. You should be able to pick up a decent QB in the draft.

I love the Carson pick in a vacuum, but the only problem I see is that you already have 2 stud RBs whereas AB could be a real risk this season with all the off-season drama. It would be worth having Moore just to give you some guaranteed WR production with big upside if he hits as a legit WR1 for Cam.

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