Can Play 2

Hey footclan, I’m in a 10 team league and this is our first week of playoffs. I can play two of the following players and don’t really know who to go with based off last week. Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks, Emmanuel Sanders, and Gus Edwards. I’m leaning Cooks and Sanders but want to hear others opinions. Thanks!

Cooks and sanders for sure.

Yeah. Have to agree with Cooks and Sanders for this week out of the 4. The BUS is the only one I’m not sure of tho, actually. :thinking:

In fact, I have Chubb in my FLEX at the moment, but trying to decide between him and Gus. Chubb has HOU this week. Gus’s matchup is a little more favorable. Just so dadgummed hard not to start Chubb. BUT…IDK. :confused:

Definitely Sanders and Cooks all the way

Cooks and Gus for me