Can really use your help!

Keeper PPR. We keep 5. We start 3 WR, 2RB, 1 Flex . The options are:

MCC (no-brainer)
Devante (also no-brainer)
Tyreek Hill (prob a no-brainer unless I trade him)
Keenan Allen
Godwin (love him more than most)
A. Jones.

I have been offered a #2 for Hill. Two questions:

  1. Do I trade Hill for the second round pick?
  2. What 5 do you keep?

Thank you.

I would definitely keep CMC, Adams, Hill, and Kerryon. Tossup between Allen and Godwin. Allen is probably the better pick, especially if Gordon is out, but if you love Godwin you can either keep him instead of Allen or reach for him in the draft. But those 4 I mentioned are locks in my opinion

I would not trade Hill for a 2nd. I would keep the 3 no brainers you said, then kerryon and Jones. If you really want to keep Godwin then I’d swap him with Jones

Since you have a 5 player keeper league I’m guessing that even with a second round pick the available high tier players in the second round are going to be very few if any at all. Definitely would keep HIll. I would keep Hill, CMC, Adams, Kerryon, Arron Jones. If you’re set on Godwin I’d swap Jones. Pretty much what @loaded2424 said.