Can Rivers be trusted week 16

Can Rivers be trusted week 16. My QBs are Rivers or Goff and Bortles and Foles are out there.

Who are they playing? Bortles looked like a boss and Foles did not disappoint

Rivers vs Jets
Goff vs Ten
Bortles vs 49ers
Foles vs Oakland

I am rolling Bortles right now. He is hot and playing great football. But if I had Goff I don’t think I could sit him against Ten. That defense is solid against the run, but awful against the pass

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Yeah i’m leaning between keeping what I got and deciding later on rivers or goff. I mean rivers has capable receivers and Ten’s defense is a dumpster fire.

I’m playing against Bortles and will be choosing between Rodgers or Rivers depending on what GB decide to do this weekend. That said, I think Rivers bounces back nicely this weekend.

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I’m like 90% sure i’m playing rivers at this point, moreso over goff so i can have more players in more games vs riding one game too much.

I’m leaning that way, concerned that even IF Rodgers starts, that he’ll get pulled during the game because it really doesn’t matter.

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LA and Ten is a trap. I’d go Bortles

how is it a trap game?

78% of the public is on LA as a -6.5 road favorite - thats a trap

i suppose but i don’t care who wins i’m just worried about points so I’m wondering what the projected point totals at.

I think it might be a high total, currently sits at 48.5, with a lot of people on the under. Now im not saying that just because a lot of people are on one side that they will lose because vegas always wins, but vegas always wins

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Stay in the flames, roll with the teenage mutant ninja bortles.

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