Can/should you intentionally skew an ADP by taking that player super early?

I’m at pick 1.05 but I think if I can enter mocks at pick 1.01 and take AB in the first pick, his ADP will be 3 or 4, so I can get someone like David Johnson or Ezekiel Elliott at pick 1.05? How much would I have to do this to impact ADP? Could we rally a group of dozens of people on this forum to join in to help impact this? I think it would be an epic feat in Fantasy Football

I think you would have to have some tech guy who could create a bot to do that like every 15 min or something.

Also there are multiple sites that list ADP so you have no insurance that the ADP that you affect is the ADP that your league memebers check.

And honestly i think it would be pretty impossible and not worth the effort.

But more power to you.