Can someone clear something up for me?

So this year I am changing our Waiver wire to FAAB which I’m excited about. The footballers do the same and they mentioned that every day their waiver wire processes so they are obviously using the “continuous” setting. However, I recall them saying something about how there are a few days they don’t have WW process. Does anyone know what days those are and why that is they do it like that?

I currently have my waiver wire to process on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No waiver wire processing for Sunday or Monday (which I’m assuming means that once it processes on Saturday, those FA will remain FA and not need a bid until Tuesday).


Sorry, I’m fairly well versed in Fantasy Football Commissioner tools but have never done FAAB so just want to make sure.

Thanks for the help.

I typically run waivers on Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat for both redraft and dynasty, in season.

Waivers are not run Tues, which gives everyone a fair chance to consume the news from the weekend and generate their waiver claims. I prefer to run waivers on Sun and Monday because it is not fair to penalize a person for the day/time their players have a game. Obviously once a game starts, all players involved are locked on your starting lineup and free agency.

As an example Patriot play Lions on Sunday night. Chris Hogan goes down. You would not be able to pick up Malcom Mitchel when Sun morning’s waivers are processed, even though he’s a free agent.

This is how I run it though. There are lots of variations.