Can someone explain to me betting lines?

So for example Robert Woods and the Rams play the Giants and the line is at -13. Why would that be a good thing for Robert Woods? Because from my understanding is that the Giants have been spotted 13 points because the Rams are the favorites. So in theory does that mean the Rams are playing from behind and Woods will have a good game?

The rams aren’t playing for the spread they are just playing the game so no they are gonna play like whatever the game plan or score dictates.

I think I may have phrased my question incorrectly. My question is why is the -13 line highlighted for Robert Woods in the Start/Sit tool? What is the incentive on playing someone who has a higher - spread than someone who may have a -4?

The betting line is there to make the pick more 50-50 for odds of being correct. So if you pick the Rams, you only make money if they win by at least 13 points.

What this means - 13 points is a huge huge spread in Vegas. The rams are projected to absolutely smash the giants. That would traditionally be good for Rams RBs and Giants WRs/QB, but this is more referring to player ceilings. Woods should put up points, but his ceiling is projected to be lower since the Rams will probably be able to run a bunch and play with the lead. Woods isn’t really a ceiling play in fantasy anyway, so I wouldn’t worry about the line too much.

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To add a bit, betting lines are used more for finding games to go after in daily fantasy sports, or to find a less commonly started player who could be in line for a surprise big game. For a guy like woods who is probably in your lineup every week, you’re probably not really looking at the betting line.

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I see. Thank you so much for the clarification!