Can’t make the playoffs but I HAVE to not lose the losers bracket HELP

I play in a work league, and the loser of the loser’s bracket gets their picture on the wall of shame. At this point I don’t see a way to the playoffs but I have to find a way to get my team back on track. I cannot finish in last place.

I’m 4-6. 5th in points scored and 1st in points against.

My team:
Watson, streamed Tannehill this week
Chubb, Singletary, Samuels, Hunt
Hopkins, Golladay, Robinson, McLaurin, Pascal
Engram, Gesicki
Ravens, Bears

You can see outside of Chubb my RB situation is sketchy, and most of my WRs are too due to QB situations- backups/Trubisky/Haskins etc… TE was okay until Engram got injured.

I have traded all year and always seem to trade the player that blows up and receive the player that gets injured or moved away from.

Any ideas, thoughts, trade advice…? ANY help would be appreciated .

Full ppr forgot to mention that. Are there any trades you think could help solidify my team. We play week 17 too…lol