Can we talk about Antonio Brown now?

No, seriously. I know where I drafted him. I know I’ve been told that he’s still producing. But is this really WR 1 production? I think we all know it’s not. If it were anyone else, it might not even be WR 2. Why are the guys sort of glossing over this? It’s a huge change (and a big problem for my fantasy team…)


People don’t worry about AB because of his history of elite production. If Big Ben was injured or something then maybe you could worry but it’s about as close to a sure thing that you can get in Fantasy Football that AB will finish the season as a WR1. He is still in the top 3 in targets in the league, top 10 in red zone targets, in 1/2 PPR he’s just outside WR1 status right now and he’s “not producing”…
Be patient with AB.

patiance my friend. Let JU JU get them targets and pts. Its will take the heat off AB and lessen the coverage. He will ball out like usual. If you were in my leauge and were tilting I would have traded for him from you.

This was my point yesterday when looking for a trade. The value of guys like Julio, OBJ, and AB have been on what they’ve done but not necessarily what they’re doing. The concept is just that the magic might come back. As an owner of one, obviously you’re trying to sell to someone on that concept. But the reality of the market is probably less. Case in point i sold Lynch (currently like RB 12 or 13) + Hogan (dud for me but might be good with more options on the field) for OBJ. The OBJ owner has Mike Williams, JuJu and is 0-3 after last night. The AB owner 1-2. Julio owner also has MT is 1-2.

AB for example is WR 24 right now. I realize he has a name, but IDK IMO that’s all he is right now, jsut a high upside WR2

The fact that you (@arshagarbon) were able to trade OBJ for Hogan and Lynch was highway robbery in my opinion (but great for you!). The owner who received Lynch and Hogan will be terribly disappointed in this trade by the end of the season.
Those top tier WRs who are underperforming after three weeks should be trade targets but not considered to trade away at their lowest value…I would bet a lot of money (and/or water) that AB finishes as a WR1 this season, barring a Big Ben injury. He is currently WR11 in full PPR, WR14 in 1/2PPR, and WR24 in Standard leagues.
If you value a player based on what they’ve done in three games this season vs what they’ve done in their recent career, then I personally believe you are making a mistake (unless there’s an injury or something involved in the situation). If you trade AB for a guy who is CURRENTLY a WR1, like DeSean Jackson, Calvin Ridley, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyler Lockett (all CURRENTLY WR1’s in standard leagues) you would be making a HUGE mistake. Not saying anyone would actually do that, but just emphasizing why you have to consider the player’s skill level, past production, etc when evaluating them, not just their current performance.
I am in a keeper league, and a few years ago I traded AB84 away and still regret it to this day. Please, learn from my mistake and be patient with Antonio Brown.


Overall yes I think AB will be a WR1 but my point is the market won’t necessarily be that. i think the person buying is wanting him to be a WR1 and the person selling has to realize they can get a lot, but they won’t be getting an insane amount. AJ+Dalvin for AB is probably not happening.

As far as my trade, i think i will have the better end but I don’t think he had the worst part. Hogan might be a throw away player, but if he becomes a WR3 then his roster is basically

WR - JuJu, Marvin Jones Jr., Mike Williams, Hogan
RB - Marshawn, Shady, Fournette
QB - Watson + Goff

If i was him i’d then flip watson for somone and get back into the thick of going for playoffs. Obviously not my team though, but i see how the trade actually helps him a ton. he has players but at 0-3 OBJ wasn’t helping him now.

AB is a great recciever and can win you games, but honestly I have Michael Thomas on my roster and he seems to be killing it, loving the place I drafted him. Sometimes it’s about how good the team is overall, and honestly I don’t like the Steelers and how they have been playing lately. As for the saints drew Brees is on a tear and that’s why Thomas is producing big numbers. If you’re on a tilt on ab trade him for someone like Thomas who’s producing week to week. I’m sure someone will bite

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If you can get the trade then all the better for you. It still doesn’t mean its a smart trade for the receiving part, you just capitalized on a less informed person. Is it a sure thing? No, just as the Vikings got trashed by the Bills nothing is a sure thing, but you bet on the most probable thing. Lynch finishing as a better fantasy option than OBJ rest of season is very low.

AB has been targeted 42 times in this past 3 games, has 2 TDs, I don’t even understand the concern. This seems to be ABs floor which is absurdly high. Selling low on AB right now is simply a huge mistake.


This exactly. It just depends on the circumstances in 9/10 teams selling AB is stupid. But there are teams that have MT and AB, and if you can flip AB for like an RB2 + WR2 and I had MT then i’d probably do that if i was like 1-2 and didn’t think my team could turn it around instantly. It also depends on your losses. if you’re like 1-2 and lose by 5 points like maybe the team will turn it around. if you’re getting blown out like the guys in my league who were stacked at WR then you have to sell a WR for an RB because having 3 top WR’s won’t win you games when your RBs are a required spot and get 10 points combined. It is better to take less points at one position if the next position gets you WAY more than you’re giving up. it’s math.

AB for Thomas, ok, lateral move, don’t see the point but ok. The trade Lynch+Hogan for OBJ is simply too one sided. The other guy could have traded one of his WR2 for a RB2 to someone else.

I didn’t say trade AB for MT i said if I have AB and MT then i’m trading away AB.

I’m not at the point where I’m entertaining trading AB, but I am looking for more info on how to manage this situation while I’m waiting for the production to come.

My other WRs are not great - I have Amari Cooper, who looks done. Ted Ginn, who’s spotty. Keelan Cole gets targets but not enough production and I just grabbed up LFitz, but I need him to be healthy, and I need AZ to figure out WTF is happening with their Offense. Trying to trade for Alshon Jeffrey but no one in my league trades. So frustrating.

I’d be trying to flip AB + Amari for 2 WR’s. like 2 diggs/thielen level players. And i think it’s do-able because usually someone can take on the risk of Amari if they also have AB to use while they stash Amari until he starts to blow up.

If you’re not trading then it’s basically AB + Cole while you wait for Fitz.

You don’t trade AB. You are seeing his floor right now. Every WR busts and has issues. That’s the nature of the beast. WRs aren’t as stable as top RBs, that’s just how it is. But AB has had these games before. And honestly, it’s not even that bad. You know what he is capable of. He is capable of the 150 yd+ 2TD+ games and he does it frequently.

The steelers are also still trying to figure out their offense. It is extremely spotty right now. New OC, new play calling, new RB, no Lev Bell. They are going through a lot of changes and Big Ben is Notoriously slow starter and bad on the road. He was good last night but that was courtesy of 4 turnovers by tampa bay. See what he does vs Ravens at home going forward.

It’s not time to panick yet.

So it sounds more like you’re kind of tilting on your team as a whole…not AB.
What does the rest of your roster look like?

I’m pretty sure its just got to do with his production. If he does what hes been doing all season consistently, he’s still gonna end at a WR1 Likely. There are certain players that are just so consistent and safe, people don’t get bothered by it and i’d say AB is one of them. Just give it some time, he’ll have his game eventually.

I lost McKinnon off the top, so I have felt a bit like I’m scrambling early this season, but I’m not tilting. I’m holding most weeks and riding it out as best I can. I’m 2-1, sitting in third with the second highest points in the league - I’m not unhappy.

I have Mahomes, who is carrying me at the moment, but I’d rather not have to rely on one or two players. I’m carrying Royce Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Alfred Morris. We don’t have a flex position and I am required to start a Kicker and DEF/S so I have Robbie Gould and CHI or LAR.
I dumped DJ Moore for Bruce Ellington and then turned him into Larry Fitzgerald, so I did aight there. I am trying to turn Case Keenum into Tyler Boyd at the moment, but I’m not sure I’ll get the waiver with 13 other teams in front of me.
Obviously, I’m worried about the loss of Jimmy Handsome in SF and how that changes their offense, so I’m looking at all my SF players and stewing.

I’d trade morris if you can. Without Jimmy G, Breida value goes up. All CJ does is dump off to RBs.

If you’re 2-1 with 2nd highest points, that’s a good position to be in.

I’d also try and trade Freeman on a high. He got all the carries with Lindsay getting ejected and still only put up average numbers and got saved by a TD.

Every team has to rely on the key 1-2 studs they have. That situation is not unique to you so wouldn’t really worry about that either.

Ditch the rams. Talib and Peters are both out. That D relies on perimeter guys shutting WRs down. Without them, that D is not worth owning.

I agree on Morris. I’ve been trying to trade him, but people are stingy.
Was starting to wonder about Freeman. He seemed like a second thought on the offense…I will have to take a closer look at that situation and find someone who looks like they need an RB.
Also agreed on the Rams. Chicago has been great since adding Mack.
thanks for the advice. I’ll try not to walk to close to the edge (of the tilt).