Can we talk trade strategy?

What are yours?

I understand the idea that footballers are talking about when they suggest offering multiple players to acquire a better individual player. I’m having problems doing this in my league, and I think may be doing this wrong lol.

I’ll offer my Round 3 - Round 8 guys along with someone doing well for maybe another team’s 2nd best positional player and always get rejected.

Are you able to have an actual conversation with the people you’re trying to trade with. If so that will help alot so then you can talk with them about the trades before just sending and getting shot down and it will help you feel out how they value said player

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To even further this point a conversation let’s you know what that team owner is actually looking for. You may be offering players or psitions the owner has no interest in. Or even explain why you are offering the players. For example, “Saw you need rb depth and have a lot of wrs and I have the opposite problem, we should try to work something out.”