Can y’all rate my draft

I picked last in my in-law family league 8 teams let me know
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All I had to see was Gurley with the 8th to know you killed it :joy: Not to mention you’ve got Gronk paired with stud RBs and a decent WR corps. Solid work imo!

I think your depth is q little suspect, only because it’s an 8 man and I feel like there are some better guys to be had. But even still, tons of potential so if those are just guys you want, I’m all for it cause they could do well. But as above said, Gurley with the 8th… that’s just ridiculous. Plus Gordon too. Wr core is strong, and you still somehow got gronk. I think you did q hell of a job letting players fall to you in the early rounds. Solid A.

Gurley 8th, Engram in the last round, and some great potential picks later on in Luck and Gordan…seems pretty good to me.