Can you all help me grade the trade?

Trading Doug Martin for Emmanuel Sanders. Very iffy about the Denver offense. My current roster:

Wide Receivers:
Jarvis Landry, Ted Ginn Jr, Sammy Watkins and Josh Doctson

Running back:
Doug Martin, Ezekiel Elliott, Lamar Miller, Aaron Jones

You have great RBs so the risk wouldn’t hurt but I’d go for someone else. Denver is iffy

What about Kelvin Benjamin for Doug Martin?

It’s better than the previous. See if you can go for TY or Michael Thomas

TY Hilton? Is he reliable? I have read in the forums about teams dropping him from their roster

I have TY but he is currently not playable. He could be if Luck comes back though which you never know.

Personally I wouldn’t trade your RB depth until you find out about Zeke missing or not on the 30th. I know I am beating a broken stick here but if he was to miss you still need others to lead your team. As Aaron Jones looks like the new RB, you never know once TY Montgomery is back at full health.

I really like Landry so he is an auto-start.

That leaves you with one boom or bust player in Ginn which he has looked great.

Just my 2 cents.

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