Can you draft both Thielen and Diggs?


In a 0.5 ppr auction keeper league where I’m getting Thielen for cheap. Quite a few of the other mid-tier options such as Adams or Balwin are getting kept, making Diggs one of the prime candidates I can trust thats left.

Considering their different roles in the offense, is it OK to draft both?
Side note, would have Keenan Allen as my WR1.

Help ballers!

you can. only big issue is the weeks where the offense is slow, and bye weeks. people bring up that players cant get the ball at the same time, which is true. but if you think that thielen will get 8 receptions for 90 yards and a TD, and think the same thing for diggs… that can also be true. the games are long, and players playing in the same game and same team can still have big weeks and down weeks. that offense gonna do what that offense gonna do. perfect example, the week that diggs went 8 for 173 and 2 TDs, adam was still 5 receptions for 100 yards. thats 2 starts im happy to have. week 10, adam was 8 for 166 and a TD. diggs was 4 for 78 and a TD. you will get good production out of both of them. the real question is, do you believe in those players? and even if you dont, you can always trade one of them.