Can you drop Josh Allen?

I’m in a full ppr 12 team deep bench league and I have Jameis as my starting qb. I can’t trade Allen and don’t see myself playing him again this season. I’d much rather pick up driskel who has a better schedule and can run the ball as a backup/plug and play behind winston. Thoughts?

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I personally would hold onto Allen for 2 more weeks. Denver and Dallas are both defenses that can be beat, just look at last week and what Cousins did to Denver in the second half and what Driskel (a backup QB) did to Dallas. The last 3 weeks for Allen (Bal, Pit, NE) are absolutely brutal so at that point you can probably drop him.

You can most definitely drop him.

You can and should drop him. My model has J. Allen projected to be the QB23 RoS. FantasyPros has Buffalo listed as the 32nd-best (worst) remaining schedule for fantasy QBs, and you can see that reflected in the Baller’s new Strength of Schedule tool as well.

Driskel is interesting but comes with some unkown due to small sample size. I have attached my full QB model below, it might help you find some other options. You can see all my models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 12 streaming post here. Please check it out and feel free to leave a comment with any feedback. Hope this helps. Good luck!