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Can you help?!?! RB 2 info, come one come all!


I have Jordan Howard, who I will be sitting this week, BOO . SOOO my question is, who the heck do I gosh darn start as my number 2?!? ( please refer to any “Austin Powers” movies ) So I can withstand some freakin’ victories, all while avoiding this. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93gBDFPwgcA ) sorta funny…

My back ups are as follows:

Theo Riddick
Chris Thompson
Also, but not starting, Robert Kelley. With Mr. Melvin Gordon as my numero uno.

Do I go down the rabbit hole and chase points on Thompson?
Will Cohen pro-form (perform, duh ) as a RB1 if Howard is limited or worse?
Or is Riddick’s match just to good?

Help me Obi-wan, you are my only hope…


the league is a .5 PPR.


I say start levbell if you have him


lol, I did try to trade for him but buddy wanted a 4 - 1 for him. But he ended up deciding to keep him.
( It’s a keeper league also ) He’s the tops but only one man.


I was trying to be a heavy level troll with that levbell post but you’re a good lad. Honestly, I would be very intrigued to start riddick this week. Though he has been relatively unproven, I feel like this could be the one week where he could go off for a bunch of points - but then again these are only statistics speaking. I think cohen has the safest floor (at least 8-10 points), but fricking riddick man… I hate his inconsistency but I really wanted to start him this week over buck allen so we’ll see. Your options have to be those two guys. Good luck