Can you play John Brown this week?

my other option is Demarius Thomas on Monday night…

DT is safer with Jackson Qb for the Ravens

Jackson is projected as a QB sleeper this week by Andy H. To miss out on this projection would be to miss out on the QBs wideouts. Brown is WR 1 in Baltimore. See what Thomas did last week? Moving forward I’m still not certain in my heart

Jackson is a QB sleeper because he will run for 150 yards like a clueless headless chicken into tackles, not cos he’s accurate at slinging a 70 yard TD to JB from a calm pocket stance.

For a guy who spends his days training with RG3, it’s amazing to think if he continues playing like he did last week, eventually he is going to get absolutely killed like RG3 did and ruin his career.

John brown has let owners down the last 3 weeks, I have more confidence in starting DT this week until I see if whatever ravens QB starts using brown again