Cancelling out a QB

So week one I’m facing somebody who has Sam Darnold as their QB. I have Robby Anderson as a flex but could sit him and start Tevin Coleman and pick up the Bills defense to counter Darnolds points. The match up is projected very close. So what’s the best course of action keep Anderson or swap him for Coleman and grab the bills defense? This gets me every year when the opportunity presents itself. Would like to know what feelings are for future match ups or is it just situational every week?

Btw it’s full point PPR.

Play the guys you expect to get most points. You can only cancel his points by getting guys that will outscore him.

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You’re going to have to monitor Anderson’s calf. Soft tissue injuries can be difficult and I’m guessing unless next week goes really well, he’ll be less than 100%. But your alternative may only get 50% of the snaps because Breida eats into his workload.

I got the idea of starting the best player. But my question was more or less this. Example Sam throws a TD to Anderson for 20 yards. Sam would get roughly 6 points where as Anderson would get 9. Should I stick with a strategy like that thru the season or grab a defense when available to help reduce the damage of a opposing qb.

I’d stick with that strategy. It’s like you said, Anderson will get more points than Darnold for every pass thrown to him. If you start the Bills D and Darnold does awesome then you will be screwed anyways because your D will get you less points, Darnold will have tons of points, and your flex alone may not be able to cover that deficit. If you start Anderson then you build off of what your opponent does, don’t have to worry about using the D your opponent is facing, and you’re playing the best player for you flex. Hopefully that makes sense. Statistically speaking though you can’t cancel out his QB’s points if they do awful. If you thought they were going to do awful then you wouldn’t think about playing Anderson and the Bills D would be a no brainer pickup.

I would only look to play the d against your opponents qb if it’s a good match up. Bills D v Jets I’m fine with but don’t over think your line up based on what an opponent is doing.