Can't decide on this one! Any and all help greatly appreciated

Just got a trade offer: my Mike Evans for his Jordan Howard. He’s 4-1, I’m 2-3. PPR

My Team:

QB-Russell Wilson
WR-Dav Adams
WR-Mike Evans
FLEX-Cooper Kupp
TE-Jared Cook


His Team:
RB-J Howard
WR-John Brown

RB-Chris Thompson
WR-Michael Thomas
WR-Golden Tate
WR-Randall Cobb

Really not crazy about this one. But thought I’d see what the Clan thought. As I mentioned…he’s 4-1…I’m 2-3. I need all the points I can get, and I know I can almost always depend on Evans. Howard is on-off so far from week to week.

Thanks a mil y’all for your thoughts here.

I would try to counter and make his package Enunwa as well. He’s very deep at WR and I don’t think Evans for Howard on it’s own is fair for you.

You need help at rb I would consider this. Evans isn’t that great with Winston. Try and capitalize off of Evans first couple weeks with. Try and get Howard and John brown for Evans and a peice

@ben_jamin627 . EXACTLY. I’m sure he’s planning for upcoming BYES, but…yeah. Thanks for your feedback.

Who would you add as a piece if this was your team?

Your worst receiver like Cole or someone.

Thanks buddy. Was pretty much thinking that would be the best one to add if I take this trade.

So…just wanted to bring this back to the front one more time. Got til tomorrow early aft my time, and not gonna be in a position to be able to make any communication on this stuff til tomorrow night. Work tomorrow is placing me in a position to not be able to deal with anything here!!! GRRRR!!!

I like the deal as is. I think Evans will take a dip with Winston back at QB and the TEs getting some more play. Howard I am not sure on but he could still have the possibility for big production. If you can play up what Evans has done so far you might could get an extra piece. All you gotta do is ask. Worst that could be said is no.

Thanks a bunch @psychosem17. Just so torn on this. Really appreciate your thoughts here!!! LOL…tough decision!!!

Ok y’all………went with @Sidthekid. Figured I’d feel him out to see how bad he wanted Evans. Countered…saying felt Evans for Howard straight up was a little “too-sided” in his favor. Would be very POSSIBLY interested in Howard AND John Brown for Evans and Keelan.

Soo…it extended the trade offer til the 13th. We’ll see how bad he wants Evans. LOL

Anyway…thanks tons to those who responded. At least gave me some food for thought here!!!

I just traded mark ingram and calvin ridley for mike evans… i had to throw calvin in, id say howard and brown for evans or ingram and enunwa… u shouldnt have to give up another player with evans

Maybe you shouldn’t but I won’t mind giving o Cole. He’s borderline droppable and your never gonna pay em anyway

LOL. He declined.

Thanks y’all for your feedback. Always helps to have a couple of other opinions before making a fairly big move like that.

BTW…in case this seems confusing…things changed this morning. Thank God.