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Can't Decide Tate or Higgins?


I know Tate is probably the better choice but he is limited to targets I feel like because of everyone else on the team. Higgins seems like he’s going to be the main wr but with that being said should I give him some more time to see how he’s going to perform? Maybe wait till after this week to start him? Thoughts please


I’d definitely go with tate. Stafford looks really good this year, and playing against Atlanta, this is gotta be a pretty high scoring game


Yeah so I should probably just keep Higgins on the bench until we see more from him? @McButterBallz


I would he has alot of opportunity and potential then, but I wouldn’t play him over someone like tate, who should do just as good


What do you guys think of Higgins or watkins?


I think they’re both fine but they just havent showed me that starting every week position yet. I like watkins at the moment over higgins, but that could change very soon.


Yeah I need to see something more out of Higgins first. I was going to start Higgins over Garcon but idk I’m iffy about it. I need to see Higgins play more b4 I bench Garcon what do you think? @McButterBallz. I am going to start Tate so now b4 the game tonight I think I should go with Garcon so lmk what you think


I have diggs but i might start watkins or higgins, So you think Watkins is a better option against the 49ers


I’d personally go with Garcon, he had a rough matchup last week, but I think he’s looking at a good comeback from that.


Sweet that’s what I was thinking. I’m going to start Garcon tonight and hope he plays well. I’m just more worried about his QB


I would go with diggs, the targets seem to be there, and I think he should be able to pull it in. Watkins just hasnt given me what Ive wanted yet, he had 5 targets the first week and 2 on the second. I just have to see it to believe it.


I was thinking of playing him due the bad CBs the 49ers have


@McButterBallz That’s true but than again if Bradford doesn’t play would that affect your choice of starting Diggs?


That’s a fair worry, but I think garcon still is the best option for him to throw it to. It’s just up to them at that point.


Thats a good reason to do it, I’m just personally worried for sammy over there, I havent seen him fit in yet


Yeah you’re right, I’m thankful for your help bro @McButterBallz


Yeah that would affect my pick and right now its looking like bradford wont play


It would, but I think diggs is still going to be fine. He had alot of plays called back on his from penalties and he would have had a much more monstrous week, but from everything I’ve seen bradford should be fine this week.


Watkins is going off tonight