Can't decide who to hold on to as my keeper

14-Team .5 PPR League, get to keep one player and my options are:

Kareem Hunt in the 3rd
Derrick Henry in the 8th
Evan Engram in the 10th
Josh Gordon in the 10th
Deshaun Watson in the 10th


good news is, you get pretty good value all around. just off of this, and knowing you only get 1, take the closest to a locked in RB1 as you can. kareem in the 3rd. his isnt the best value, but its damn good value for a guy who shouldnt end up worse than RB12. henry is tempting because of the value, but do we really know what he is going to do? im a believer in henry this year but there are still plenty of risks involved with him. josh gordon is in too crowded of a place so again good value, but not what i want when i can at least somewhat lock in high end production. i have a rule about not keeping TEs or QBs but both are great value for what they should give you. watson will come back down to earth a bit, but you can still expect QB1 numbers. but nothing so mind blowing that i would HAVE to have him because of the advantage. would still rather stream. and engram has barkley to compete with (for offensive production, obviously not at the same position) and OBJ is back.

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Kareem in the 3rd provides the best value i think.

Henry in the 8th isn’t to bad, but like the last person said, how much will you be able to rely on him weekly. He’s Boom/Bust.

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