Can't figure out who to drop

So I need to drop someone for a Kicker this week.

Easy answer is Tannehill, but Allen has awful matchups after the next 2 weeks and the waiver wire in this 2 QB league is awful, so I am afraid to drop him of who I would be stuck with.

Other options to me are probably between Guice and Murray. What do you guys think?

I’d drop the 49ers DEF.

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Ya that’s another option, but Baltimore has a couple of rough weeks with Houston and LAR the next 2 weeks where I would probably prefer to play SF. I almost never carry 2 DEF, but I had SF which has been great besides last week, and Baltimore’s matchup was too juicy to pass up this week.

Agree with keeping Baltimore. But SF upcoming match-ups stink!

The Falcons can drop 30 points on you in a week and the Cardinals are working up to it.

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