Can't pick a flex

Full PPR

Line up locks for RB and WR are;
Antonio Gibson
Chris Godwin
Diontae Johnson

I need an RB2 and a flex… only players worth consideration are…
Jonathan Taylor
David Montgomery
Jakobi Meyers

Before you even start in with the “OBVIOUSLY…” Meyers is outscoring JT on the season and is only a couple yards behind DMont whose situation with Fields looks absolutely atrocious. My team has no 40 point upside so I need at least 15-20 points from my flex to stand a chance most weeks.

This one is a tough call, snap count reliability goes with Dmont. and I probably shouldn’t but I trust the colts to move against Miami more than the Patriots against the Bucs despite the injuries. It may be a bad call but I would Trust JT and Dmont. Also understanding the Bear Naggy hesitance

Pats don’t necessarily need to “move the ball,” for Meyers to be effective in full PPR. That offense looked putrid last week against a much better Saints D and Meyers still managed something like 18 full PPR points just off bulk targets/receptions. The Bucs secondary is the worst in the league right now, I would just worry about the pressure getting to Mac before he can get the ball out. It’s going to be a blowout favoring TB and the Pats are not going to move the ball on the ground against that run D… Honestly I think Meyers is the “safest” play of all of them… this will likely come down to a gametime decision for me… if you had to pick between DMont and JT, which would you prefer?

I would go JT and Meyers.

I prefer Dmont