Cant pull the trigger. Help!

Bring offered kamara robinson and woods for Yeldon, Green and Allen.

I have Gordon, cooper, and obj as my other wideouts. Howard and lynch are my next best backs.

Slightly nervous about the split “workloads” of kamara and woods vs target monsters green and Allen. Yeldon will be heavily utilized over the next 3 weeks minimum, maybe more. Robinson hasn’t showed much yet, but has potential to be big time as the season wears on.

What do I do :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Damn, that’s a tough one man. You’re giving up 2x top 8 WRs.

I would still pull the trigger but can you delay it until after this week? AJ green has a great matchup coming up and Kamara is on bye so his value won’t change at all this week anyways. Only upside to waiting, not much downside as far as I can see.

Understand the worries about woods, but he’s actually proven to be a great asset and the rams will actually produce 3x top 20 WRs imo. I was totally wrong about Woods coming into the season. I thought Cooks/Kupp were the only viable ones to own and woods would just a boom bust play. But they are involving him a lot as well.

This is a tough one, but if it’s full PPR scoring I think it makes it a little bit easier for me.

That’s why I can’t pull it, I’m 1-4 and can’t really afford to absorb Kamaras bye.

My only solace is 3 other teams are 1-4 so I can feasibly take the L if I need to.

I tried offering a mega deal that landed me kamara thielen and robinson but he wouldn’t bite (despite the fact he would be far have the most loaded roster from top to bottom)

Half point per reception btw! Forgot that part

So there’s no hope of being able to wait until next week? I agree that would be ideal…

Oh there is hope, but if woods goes crazy because cooks and kupp are out then he may not go for that same offer. Or if yeldon struggles against Dallas

Cooks is playing. I think Kupp is too.

Yeldon won’t have a great game vs Dallas. Dallas D is solid, especially when at home. That’s a given.

But I don’t think you can afford to lose 2 starts in a week you’re 1-4

And that risk is slightly offset by the fact that AJ green could do well along with Allen.