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Capitloize on Hogan trade


Hey Guys,

12 team/.5ppr

So I picked up Hogan last night right after Edelman Injury. I dropped a kicker for him, so i will need to pick one up before season. I am wanting to do a 2 for 1 deal to upgrade my WRs. I was offered

Watkins for Hogan and Jaquizz

My WRs are: Evans, Diggs, Bryant, Brown, and Hogan
My RBs are: Zeke,DMC, Lamar Miller, Woodhead, CJ anderson, and Jaquizz
My QB: Stafford

Or should I try to upgrade my QB ?

Thanks guys !!


I’d take the Watkins trade


Watkins for sure. Quizz is just a 3 week rental essentially and Hogan is more of an unknown than Watkins


But do you think Watkins is enough ? Not saying my offer is out of this world. But Im scared that I might get a 2016 Hopkins scenario. Where you have to start him every week but he only gives you 3 games the entire year and finishes that WR37, finishing outside WR3 scoring +50% of the time.


Take the trade. You’ve already got 2 stud WRs, Evans and Brown. With Watkins you’ll have 3. Yes, Watkins is a risk, but the potential upside is phenomenal.

Hogan is not a de facto replacement for Edelman. Even Edelman’s contribution was in question with a healthy Gronk and Cooks acquisition. And would you really play Jacuizz over your other RBs during that first 3 weeks?


You don’t have to start him. You give up two late round fliers (yes, Hogan is still a flier after the Edelman injury, albeit one with real upside) for a potential WR1 who can be a flex starter or 4th, or maybe even 5th WR. This is all upside, with very little downside. Don’t over think it.


I agree with the addition of cooks I kinda felt Julian’s role would shrink a little. Gronk is healthy for now. And excuse my ignorance but is Amendola still around? Take the Watkins trade I would.


Amendola is immortal in NE. Will get hurt if he ever leaves. He’ll do nothing all year and then catch 12 balls for 45 yards and 3 TDs in the Superbowl.


Watkins all day! i have a fantasy crush on him


I want to thank everyone for the advice. I ended making the deal and even got Justin Tucker out of it. (I know just a kicker but atleast he is the best Kicker) now Team is looking better. Working on other deals which I will post later

Thanks again guys!!


Tucker might legitimately be a difference maker.