Carlos Hyde a drop?

Fournette owner who also drafted Hyde. Not happy about the trade to Jacksonville obviously, but the silver lining was supposed to be that I had a handcuff for Fournette if / when he went back down.

Is Hyde worth keeping or does Yeldon’s heavy share of the backfield make Carlos a drop candidate?

I have a good shot of getting MVS, Duke or Tre’Quan.

I haven’t yet, but will be as soon as I see what LF looks like.

If you can buy in on MVS and have enough depth at RB to do so then I don’t see that as a bad reason to drop him.

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Fournette, Gordon, Jones, Mack, Hyde, Richard

Evans, Hilton, Baldwin, Lockett, Sutton

I’m still confused why the Jags made this trade if they didn’t plan on using Hyde at least a little bit. I’m afraid of the dreaded three headed monster in JAX.

Yeah not a ton of depth there. I would hold right now if I could simply because Mack-Gordon been banged up last few weeks too. Can you package maybe him and Baldwin or Locket for something before the deadline.

Tried shopping the SEA receivers all year and intelligently nobody has bitten.

I’m thinking just hang on and hope for no injuries.