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Carlos Hyde do you believe this guy can be top 5 back?


I have Hyde from a trade 2 years ago I can’t part ways from him after seeing what he did to the Vikings last year. Any other believers out there?


I believe a healthy Carlos Hyde can be a fringe top 10 behind a good line. But, his inability to stay healthy, plus that garbage o-line he’s behind, makes it tough to believe right now. And that’s before you even consider Joe Williams (who I dont really think is all that great, but Shanny sure seems to.)

I would hold on to him, but dont think he’s your RB1 solution short OR long term. Treat him as he is, a high opportunity high-injury risk inefficient RB2, and i think you can be happy with what you get.


In short, no.


Sounds like they are planning to implement a 2-back system similar to what he did with Atlanta. You could argue that the approach helped Freeman and Coleman both and that it could lead to a better workload for Hyde in terms of a durability perspective.


At one time Hyde had a ton of upside and looked poised to be a top ten fantasy back. Injuries, and having other RB’s come in and steal touches, my answer is No. Top twenty RB for sure though. If healthy.


Top 5? No.
Top 12? He has the upside but I like many other RB’s way more.


There are just so many variables… especially with a new regime in Santa Clara.

That said, I agree with imnotasavage – There’s too much talent at the top of the RB pool (each with a lot less going against them) for Hyde to break into a Top 5 RB spot. If everything falls his way, though, sure, he could be an RB1 when all is said and done in 2017.

Just don’t count on it.


i would say at best, he is splitting time with williams. at worst, shanahan boots him because he isnt his running back and dude is out of a job. silver lining, if that does happen he might land somewhere better for him. still have to deal with injuries though. but maybe he surprises me and keeps the backfield to himself full time. i just dont see it happening though.


Nope, nada, no.


No way. Low-end rb1 AT BEST!


Top 15 if healthy but he will probably get injured so he’s gonna lose his job to Joe Willliams.


top 5? waaaaay difficult if we see just after the big 3 RBs what other options around: DeMarco, Devonta, Howard, Ajayi, Lynch, Gilleslie, Fournette as the most clears now. Maybe a top 10 candidate as much as he stays healthy that is not easy neither.