Carlos Hyde for Clement & Richard

Full PPR. was offered Clement and Richard for Hyde.

I’m the Lynch owner and with Hyde being traded, I’d be forced into starting someone off the waivers as my only other healthy RB is Sony.

This would at least give me Clement to start this week but how would that trade stack up in the long term?

i’m personally trying to rid myself of hyde. a report came through the sleeper app saying jags still expect fournette back after their bye, so it’s going to be hyde yeldon and fournette, not to mention jamaal charles, all in the backfield, with hyde knowing the least about the playbook. i like that deal for you depending on who your drop would be as it gives you a starter in clement and insurance for lynch who has the possibility of going to ir. since he offered it to you, though, i would see if you could get a little more/better out of him before accepting.