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Carlos Hyde - Jordy Nelson Trade


Hi all -

Looking for some input on a potential trade I have on the table in my league of record. The offer is:

I GIVE UP: Carlos Hyde, Michael Crabtree
I GET: Jordy Nelson

Some additional background - this is a full point PPR league and I don’t have a dominant WR as of yet. I love Crabtree and have enjoyed drafting him late for the last few years in this league, but with the injury to Carr I’m worried about his production over the next several weeks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Hyde this year, but I really need a WR and have other RB options on the bench. My full roster is below - am I crazy to accept this trade? I should also note that I am 1-3 right now after a couple bad losses (as is the other team in the trade).

Cheers –

Carson Palmer - QB
Melvin Gordon - RB 1
Hyde - RB 2
Chris Thompson - RB 3
Wendell Smallwood - RB 4
Latavius Murray - RB 5
Aaron Jones - RB 6
Doug Baldwin - WR
Jarvis Landry - WR
Randall Cobb- WR
Crabtree - WR
Jeremy Maclin - WR


I was gonna be all over this until I saw your runningback depth. I would ask for a runningback as well? Probably won’t work but worth a shot. Idk man… if you were a little deeper I would definitely say yes.


Good point - thanks for the perspective. I was worried about falling in love with nelson without seeing the bigger picture.

Other team has Isaiah Cowell, Duke Johnson, and Gillislee. I doubt he would let Duke go but maybe I go after Gillislee? He hasn’t been great but he has upside?


In a vacuum, the trade is a no brainer. In your situation, I can’t do it.


Yeah a trade like this is usually only made when you have a deep team, good record, and simply want to take a starter and a bench player and upgrade the starter’s position. But in your case, I believe if you had jordy nelson, you might be better off getting hyde and crabs. So it is very enticing, but I would unfortunately say no to this trade, best of luck


I agree. working around your current roster, you need to keep your high floor play of hyde. your other WRs are huge names, but very nice PPR assets.