Carlos Hyde or Tj Yeldon

Who would you keep and who would you trade in a standard league? I have two different offers on the table for both guys.

What are the offers?

Well both owners are hurting and desperate at Rb and loaded at Wr. Where as I am the opposite. One offer is Carlos Hyde and Aaron Jones for Julio. The other is Yeldon for Davante Adams.

I’d highly favor Yeldon for Adams of those two personally, especially long term this season. You retain two number one backs with option 1 and lose a single eventual second stringer with the other. JJ is the better WR but you give up much less with the Yeldon option. Jmo

I was thinking along those same lines. Just needed to sure up my other Wr spot.

My Wr right now are Diggs, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, Lockett and Coutee

Either Adams or JJ will be great additions to the collection. You’ll be ticked watching Yeldon crush these next couple of weeks but counting money the second half of the season with that trade.

Agreed, having Fournette, Gordon, Hyde, Yeldon and Jones gives me the flexibility to be able to make these moves