Carlos Hyde trades

12 man, half PPR

DK, Darwin, Chark for Hyde, Deebo, Dorsett?


Qb: Goff
Rb: Chubb, Sony, Mostert, Darwin, Malcolm Brown
Wr: Julio, Woods, Djax, Marvin, DK, Chark
Te: Olsen

so you get Hyde and Deebo for DK and Chark? I guess that’s okay if you feel you need RB that bad. Chark may be a stud.

Which would you do. Got these two final offers

-Chark, Darwin
-DK, Darwin, Malcolm brown

For Hyde

Bumping this

Out of those two deals I would give up Chark and Darwin for Hyde. I think DK can also be a stud along with Chark, but Chark has more hype.